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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Regular Person!

First off...let me apologize again for my delay in posting!  Life (and my three year old tornado) gets in the way...

Here are some updates on my life and my lap band:
  • I've noticed in some recent pictures of me (that I continue to stare at unapologetically), that people that I used to dwarf by my don't look that different than me!  I don't look like a giant anymore.  This is me (the brunette) with one of my friends and her sweet baby that moved away but came for a visit.  She is an active/fit person.  I'm frustrated that now that I am also active and getting fit - I can't play with her anymore....Grrr  Also...she is now moved near the top of my friend list because she said two things:  #1) "Your pictures don't do you justice" #2) "You don't even look like you are 220 pounds"....Hells yeah!
  • My lowest weight this month has been 216 pounds.  I made it to the teens!  Unfortunately I have been wavering like crazy.   This morning I was 220.  I go up, I go down, I go up, I go down.  This happens every time I lose five pounds.  It's frustrating, but if I just wait it out...I usually start going down again.  I've also not been making the best food choices.  I have a great big "DUH" for myself.  My goal right now is to be under 200 pounds by my birthday in May.  If I am going to make this happen....I better get this butt in gear fast.  I need to chill on the eating and listen to my body and band better.
  • Speaking of my band...I went in for a visit last week and no news to report.  I didn't lose a single pound since my last visit.  Carol has been out of the office the last two times I have gone to the clinic.  I miss that lady.  This time there was a lady there from the Dallas clinic.  She told me to stop eating so much soup so that my body would get full faster from solid food.  Hmmm.  Makes sense.  I love the staff at True Results.  I've been getting to know them and they are fun.  I am going to be sad to say goodbye to those guys.  
    after with 3D fiber lashes            

    before with regular mascara
  • I have been distracted lately because I have started selling Younique makeup.  I am sooooo not a salesperson...I just like their makeup - their mascara for sure.  How can you argue with this?! If you are interested in crazy lashes like this check out my website:  There- that's my commercial.  I really do love the makeup and the company is pretty young in my area. 
  • I had blood drawn this weekend to go back to see my primary care physician....remember my concerns about iron?  Well anyway...that spot on my face from Christmas that I wrote about still hasn't gone away so I saw the dermatologist a few weeks ago.   The first doctor I saw wasn't sure what it was (which is always a good sign  :/) so she called in the oldest doctor at the facility because surely he has seen something as hideous as this bumpy spot on my jawline.  Right???  
    • He took a look and said a bunch of things I can't remember.  What I do remember is hearing him say it looks a little like Sweets Syndrome. He also said we would try the cortisone cream for a while to see if it would go away on it's own before having to do a biopsy on my face with stitches and all.  Great.  So he left and my original doctor talked with me and wrote my prescription.  She said that I wasn't showing any other signs for Sweet's Syndrome and not to worry.  I replied, "So I shouldn't go home and google it is what you are telling me?"  She said "yes, don't google it."  So of course I went home and googled it immediately.  Turns out that Sweet's Syndrome has a bunch of pictures on google that look WAY worse than mine!  It can also be an indicator of impending Leukemia.  Again...Great.  
    • So I called my primary and told her the good news.  She ordered some additional tests for the blood I had drawn this weekend.  I see her on Wednesday to go over the results.  Keep your fingers crossed that this is nothing serious.  Please.  I'm a little nervous to say the least.  The medicine they gave me for my face is not working.  :(
  • I exercised like a crazy person today. I walked/ran 5 miles in 65 minutes best time ever!!! I also went for a good hike (somewhere around 4 miles) this afternoon.  If I could just eat less I would be in such great shape!!!
Love to all - I will update after Wednesday.