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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hey Heyyyyy....

Hello Friends! 

I continue to struggle getting this weight's not been easy.  I keep battling my brain.  I've discovered that I can pretty much eat anything I want as long as I chew like crazy first.  So I have "outsmarted" myself.  Ugh.  Sometimes I really piss myself off.  I'm stubborn and I can talk myself into ANYTHING!  I also can't say no to anyone very easily....including me!

I did really well on Atkins.  I got down to 207.  When I got off, I went crazy and started gaining again.  Now I am back to 216 this morning.  So here I go again....back on today.  I'm eating my breakfast of eggs and sausage as I type. 

If I can just get down to my goal, I think I can manage it with exercise and Atkins when I get above a certain weight.  It's getting down in the first place that is difficult.  I have already bagged up all of my fat clothes so there is no way I am getting back into that bag.  I was almost a steady 16 but now I am a full 18 again.  This road is rough.  I have a friend that had a different procedure (sleeve) this summer and she is rocking it.  She is way smaller than me and seems to not have any problems with eating.  I am trying not to be jealous.  Every time I see her I wonder if I chose the right procedure for me. 

On the exercise front....I walked a 10 mile race in Austin two weekends ago.  It was super fun but I have not been the same since!  My hips and hip flexors are stiff and I don't feel as limber as I was before the race.  I think I need to start taking joint support meds...knees and hips are getting old.  BUT....I DID the race!  I walked ten miles!  Holy Moly!  I would not have imagined such an event a year ago....NO WAY!  I was going to post some pictures of the actual race but the photos that they took always caught my boobs on a downward step...I needed an upswing picture but didn't get one.  :)

Here are some before and after pics - we went with an 80's theme...It was a lot of fun. 

My "sassy" face needs some work...

I am going to see my parents and my Grandpa next weekend.  I want to look my best which means I am going to do everything I can to get down as much as I can this week.  It's not time to let off, I have to keep working.  I wish I made time to blog more often...I always feel so much more energized about my weight loss when I do.  I need the feedback from my friends and family, it always rejuvenates me.  I need to commit to blogging, even if it's a small one, once a week.  I need the accountability.  This battle of the bulge is a rough one.  I might lose a few battles, but I WILL WIN THIS WAR!  I'm still committed to being under 200 by my birthday.  It will happen.