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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Where you been all my life?!  Oh yeah that's were hiding way underneath my fat butt!

No matter where you've been....I'm SOOOOOOOO glad to see you now!

That's right guys...I hopped on the scale this morning and I was 230.1 and then I pottied and tried again and I was 229.7!!!  It's a new era.  I really don't remember being this weight.  I know it was after meeting Jason but before getting married - like twelve years ago.  I was a size 18 when I met him and I am a solid 20 right now in any size clothing.  Some 20's are too big, some are just right, so I may be getting closer to 18. Wow.  As soon as I was getting super frustrated about plateau-ing, I had major loss this week.  I lost a half pound to a pound and a half every day this week.  I am back on track (until I plateau again and then I will have to read this post again and know I just need to stick with it and it will come - but there may be more whining....just bare with me).

The only thing I was able to improve this week was my water intake.  I was not able to exercise more in the evening due to scheduling conflicts.  I only walked 15 miles this week and it was all Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so it wasn't all technically this week.  I consciously drank more water and tried harder to stop snacking.  That's it.

A couple of things that are concerning me:

  1. This whole poop situation (Dad, you may want to skip this part).  I used to have zero problems doing a number 2 pretty much whenever I wanted.  Since being banded those #2's have understandably slowed down because of my reduced food intake and for the simple fact that I no longer gorge myself uncontrollably with more food than my body would ever burn by sitting on the couch.  These last two weeks have become a real problem.  I have started taking fiber supplements and I have been increasing my vegetable intake.  It only seems to make it worse.  One day I literally thought I was going to have to go to the hospital and have my poo surgically removed.  I could only imagine how THAT conversation was going to go with the triage nurse.  THANK GOODNESS I found some glycerin suppositories in my cabinet.  I refuse to look and see if they have an expiration date- I don't remember buying them.  Those little babies have helped me get through the week.  I may just have to start taking a laxative every night before bed.  Any recommendations on a good one?
  2. I've started losing more hair in the shower.  It's not clumps, I've just noticed an increase.  I've started taking biotin supplements to try and stop it.  I've always had such thick hair, I'm not that concerned, but I'd like to stop it.  I also got some new vitamins that have biotin in them.  
  3. I've started taking iron supplements that may be affecting the whole poop situation (see bullet #1), but I had a friend hospitalized because of her iron levels being too low.  I get so excited about the weight loss, it's easy to forget how important what I eat is to my body and my well being.   
Other than these things, I am really happy and I have a ton more energy than 40 pounds ago.  I only wish I had been able to have this surgery years ago.  I'm glad I had it now.  :)  I feel good, I'm looking better, my health is better, I've made some new friends and rekindled some old friendships!  What's not to like?  When I saw my doctor this week she had a questionnaire about depression.  I almost had to laugh as I answered the questions.  I'm the furthest thing from depressed right now.  I'm a happy girl who needs to quit blogging so I can go join my family.  Love to all!  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NSV (Non Scale Victory)!!

I went to the doctor today and unfortunately I had to wait an hour past my appointment...frustration - especially when I had to take a half day to get there on time.  But I absolutely LOVE my doctor.  She's actually a physician's assistant, but I adore her.  I've never seen a physician that can top her.  She takes time and listens to me.   It wasn't her fault.  Here I am waiting in my hospital gown with my butt crack facing the door.  This is always a good position to wait in...

There are a bunch of NSV's to report:

  • I was visiting to get my annual and I haven't seen her since I had surgery.  I was looking forward to seeing how much weight I had lost since I last saw her.  It was 45 pounds... 

  • Then I had my blood pressure checked and it was 120 / 78.  Booyah!

  • She removed some skin tags that I got during my pregnancy for free because I waited so long - AND she loves me.  This has nothing to do with my band...but work with me here.

  • Next we went over my lab work.  The last time I had blood work done was 2006.  I am pretty sure my numbers got worse and not better before surgery.  

  • Here is the comparison: 

I was pre-diabetic in 2006.  That's what the glucose is.  Look at the huge change!  She was also impressed with the triglyceride levels.  I think she said that is fat in the blood or something and is an indicator of people that overeat a lot.  GUILTY.'s really good now!  She wants me to work on raising my HDL cholesterol and lowering my LDL even though they are both within good range.  

I am going back in 3 months to check my iron levels.  I told her my concerns about making sure all was good with the lab band and my absorption levels.  

Is it wrong to be excited about seeing the doctor?!  If this is wrong, I don't want to be right!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Feeling discouraged...

Hello Bloggers, Friends, and Family!

I thought that last fill would send me on my way to extreme weight loss! has not.  I feel more hungry now than ever.  My biggest problem is after school and the evenings.  I want to eat, eat, eat.  I used to be able to not eat breakfast and be fine.  Now I need that again too.  What the heck?! I thought I was almost in the 220's, but I've been bouncing around in the 230's all week - gaining more times than losing.  The lowest I got was 232.  At one point I was afraid I'd be back in the 240's.  Has anyone else had this experience?  I know my band is in place because of the barium test last time I visited.

I am not sure what is going on.  I think it could be a few things...I only walked 12 miles this week - two episodes.  It was just so busy and it got cold this week.  I need some cold weather walking/running gear.  I also am wondering if my water intake has decreased and I'm actually more thirsty than hungry.

This week I pledge to drink more water and exercise at least 4 times.  C'mon 220's!!!!!!!

Here are some pics I took this week.  I still have a lot of work to do...long sigh.

Stupid big butt.  I can't find jeans that fit my waist that fit over my butt. 

OMG- this picture really shows me how much work I have to do still.  I hate that front butt I have! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

90 days banded!

On July 9th, 2013 I got my lap band!  My life started changing along with my relationship with my nemesis, food and my ability to exercise!!

It's been good to me.  Below are my 90 day pictures, as promised.  I had to change shorts because I couldn't find the old ones.   These are short, very fitted shorts.  These show a bit more than the old ones.  I can't tell as big a difference in these pictures from the last ones...but I can sure tell a difference from the beginning!!  This is so fun!  I can't even imagine where this is going to go for me!  This first picture on the far right is not a good face for me...but the body is doing MUCH better!  It's hard to match the pictures up exactly - my husband is not the most patient when you are looking at them, look for changes to the smoothness, not necessarily the overall size.  K- thanks :)

What is this....a waist?!!  Where has THAT thing been hiding?!

 I can tell a difference in the contour of the bod in this picture.  Much less lumpy overall.  

I think this blasted booty will be the last thing to go!!!  Man my hair has gotten much longer.  Actually when you look at my's much smaller in the first picture.  I should have made this last one smaller.  That is encouraging.  

I've decided that I want to work for True Results and be a patient advocate.  Any ideas on how I go about getting this job?  Anyone out there have connections??  Hook me UUUUPPPP!!

These are a couple that didn't make the cut from the shoot today!  I feel like I am starting to look like a normal person!  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So these are not the 90 day pictures I promised, but there is a good fatty comparison picture between August of last year and August of this a few surprises. 

Here I am last year....and this year....I can't wait to have a next year!  In the picture on the left I was about 285.  In the picture on the right I think I was around 255-260 or so. 

First Barium Test
In related news...I went in to True Results today for a follow up appointment.  I wasn't sure how I felt about a fill or not.  I've had some puking incidents but it is almost always at night when I have either eaten too much or too fast.  Sooo...I don't feel like I have a really good indicator as to whether I am at the right fill zone or not.  I lost 3 pounds in the two weeks between my last visit when Carol did not give me any sweet juice.  She was happy with my three pounds as they want you to lose between 1-2 pounds a week and I was at 1.5.  So I talked to Carol about all of this and she suggested a barium test...but they don't offer those at night.  But then she remembered that they had a doctor on staff tonight!  She got me in for my first barium test.  This is when they take an x-ray of barium going through your band.  I stood in front of a machine...fully clothed.  You can see my underwire in the picture.  The black stuff is the barium.  You can see the shadow of my band around the thinnest part of the black stuff.  That is the funnel.  The puffy part is the barium going into my stomach.  She was really happy with everything and said I had some room for more saline if I wanted it.  She would be okay waiting another visit or doing it now.  I opted for now.  This fill was another painful one.  Holy freaking smokes!!!  I don't understand why sometimes they hurt like hell and other times it's a breeze.  Personally...I prefer the breezy kind!

Carol (my band caretaker) and Me
This is me and Carol today.  I wanted to get a picture with her so that I could share with you the sweet lady I get to see when I go to True Results in Austin and I also wanted to take a picture when I lose more weight to show you how I compare to her over time! 

I really tried not to sound creepy when I asked her for a picture.  I'm not sure how well I succeeded.  We are close like my head anyway.  I love how in this picture I don't look like a total giant next to her!!  I am so used to looking like a complete giant next to normal people in pictures.  Granted, she is wearing her "bullet proof" vest for taking x-rays...but still - I have to run with it. 

I've been walking still and loving it.  Tomorrow is my 90 day bandiversary.  I am so glad I had this procedure.  I am so much healthier and I feel like I can accomplish so much more now.  I wish I had done it sooner.  I continue to be in awe at the fact that I can walk so far now - 4-6 miles pretty much any time I want to.  I am in a better physical place! 
Post walk and blog

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Thank you Lori!   First off -for reading my blog and providing such great feedback!  Second- for creating my cool new banner!  I love it!