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Sunday, December 8, 2013

I thought I survived Thanksgiving....

But actually, I got on the scale and although I survived the DAY, I did not survive the week.  I wound up gaining five pounds over the week.  This week I have been working to lose the weight again. It was up and down and I got derailed by an awesome potluck at work- too much deliciousness.   I have done it as of yesterday morning.  Last night I had some snacks and drinks of the alcoholic nature, so I did not maintain it I think.

The good news is that I worked out three days this week I think.  It might have been four, but I can't actually remember.  I've been stretching more and I think the plantar fasciitis is dissipating but my knees hurt more and my hips have just started bothering me.  Time Marches On.....I guess I'm getting to be an older lady....long sigh...

I've been improving my time and running a little more on the treadmill in the cinema at the gym.  I love that room!  It's dark and no one can see you and besides, they are watching a movie and couldn't care less what you are doing.
The treadmill on the left shows you that I was able to walk/run 4.5 miles in 65 minutes on Friday.  Today I was able to walk/run 4.56 miles in 65 minutes.  

The deal with the 65 minutes is that the treadmills in the cinema only allow me to go for an hour before it forces me to do a five minute cool down and then resets.  I'm going to try to just keep improving how far I can go within that time limit.  :)
I am really enjoying the gym.  I'm really glad I decided to join and that my husband is so supportive of helping me find the time to go.  I'm lucky.  

Speaking of the hub, my new favorite thing is when he points out pictures in the house and tells me that he can't believe that is me when he looks at me now.  I love that.  No seriously...I LOVE THAT!  It reminds me of how far I have come so far.  He is doing another 5K with me this weekend.

I still struggle with making good choices all of the time.  It's so hard not to snack.  If I count my calories on myfitnesspal and keep myself under 1000, I am golden.  I lose EVERY time.  When I let up and relax my plan, I get into trouble and then I get frustrated that I didn't lose.  Everything seems to go down okay with the exception of untoasted bread, cakes, and muffins as long as I CHEW SLOWLY!  I get sick about twice a week usually after I know I have eaten too fast.  Then I just want to reverse time so I get a redo.  There are no redo's when it comes to proper eating.  Once I swallow something that I didn't chew completely...I'm screwed.  I have to push my plate away until it either comes back up, or my body has time to process it.  I'm still learning, and despite these occasional challenges, I am so glad I got the band.

In fashion news, I have decided that I am going to try the much admired sweater dress, leggings, and boots look! I have the dresses and the leggings.  I ordered some boots.  I will take pictures if I can pull it off.  :)  Speaking of pictures, tomorrow is the ninth of December.  This means it is my five month bandiversary.  I need to take another round of pictures.  I'm afraid I won't have much change to show.  It seems like I have stayed the same for the last two months or I have made minimal changes.  At some point I want to catch up with all my favorite blogs.  It's hard enough for me to get my blog written!  Christmas break is coming up soon.  It will give me time to catch up with my blogging besties!

Love to all!  Thanks for reading and have a great week!


  1. so proud of how far you have come in such a short time. Holidays are hard... but you just have to realize that you will make mistakes. Learn from them. Don't deprive your self of things you real real real want... My example to you: I love Chocolate (what woman doesn't), so i only buy the very best. When im around sweets, i keep one square in my purse. i nibble on that and that alone. It's the only thing i find that helps me. When eating a meal.... Stick to what you know is good for you... Turkey, chicken, ham, veggies... etc. This thanksgiving i had 2x2 piece of ham, one small serving spoon of peas and the same in Green beans. I had one 1/2 of that in sweet pot. Thats it..

    As far as making good choices... we all struggle with that. It's been 4 years and i still make bad choices. I know that pasta makes me sick.... but i still try. Then i think... Why Chris... Why did you do that. Then i say... Because it's so damn good. lol

    It wonderful that you have a supportive husband.... not everyone does.. Im sure you will rock the outfit... and we need pictures...

    Take care

  2. Geez, I just realized I never commented on this! I read it on my phone and meant to comment when I got to my computer... Hrmmmm...

    Jen, if this were easy, everyone would be thin. Just a thought. I have another friend who lost a lot of weight... she keeps her heaviest picture plastered on the fridge to remind herself of what can happen. Heck of a motivator! Just another thought ;)

    I'm really proud of you! I came by your blog to see the latest updates. Blog more! I love your writing! :D

  3. I'm missing you Jen!! Time for another update :) oh, and send me some will power because I'm not getting those work outs in... I need some of your motivation!!